Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wente remains on the job, delusional and defiant as ever

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Secret Squirrel and Tasha been sniffin' round KWMU...
The on-going investigation of KWMU's Patricia Wente and the legal/accoungting team now enters Week 3 and sources say Ms. Wente is remaining defiant and is very confident that she is not going to leave KWMU nor does she expect the investigation from the legal or accounting side to push her out.
While the outcome of the investigation has not been finalized, Patty is expressing verbally in the business community via phone calls and luncheons that the legal/accounting review will not change her style.
Just when we thought the RFT's story might make a difference, she appears to hang on to her job (she's was never placed on administrative leave to begin with) and the status quo remains intact.

OOH! Wente's got gravitas!

…as if abuse, fraud and mismanagement can be considered a “style.”

However, neither Wente, nor anyone in KWMU management, nor anyone at UMSL has denied anything written in the Riverfront Times.


Anonymous said...

Keep making phone calls and emailing people, Ms. Wente. However polite and noncommittal the responses, I think you'll find soon enough that you've got no credibility left in the business, media or academic world. You've made fools out of everyone you somehow convinced to support you over the years when these stories first began surfacing. They won't be there this time. Or ever again.

Anonymous said...

Patty can defiantly insist that she is not going to 'change her management style,'

-as she registers with job service...
and fills out her unemployment forms.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! It's about time! Congratulations to everyone who wrote, called, talked, petitioned, pleaded and publicized until FINALLY Patricia the Terrible tumbled.

There is justice.

Wal Mart might still be hiring greeters...just a thought.

Statement from UMSL


University of Missouri-St. Louis Chancellor Thomas George today terminated the employment of longtime KWMU (90.7 FM) general manager Patricia Wente. The action followed a review of financial and management issues raised by current and past employees and outside auditors.

“KWMU is a St. Louis treasure,” George said. “This action is being taken to protect that treasure for the university and the community.”

KWMU is a National Public Radio affiliate with a 100,000-watt signal. The station is housed at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and licensed to The Curators of the University of Missouri.

George said that he has asked that KBIA (91.3 FM) General Manager Mike Dunn serve as interim general manager. Dunn has been the general manager of the public radio station on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus for 22 years.

“It is not unique that one UM campus loan expertise during times of transition and I’m thankful to MU for their cooperation,” George said. “I know that our award-winning radio staff here will work well with Mike as he oversees daily operations, as well as continues to review the station’s financial and management policies. We want to ensure that the proper checks and balances are in place to maintain our fiscal integrity and highest standards of professional behavior.”